14 juin 2017
21 h

"avec Radio Radio, Lisa LeBlanc, Joseph Edgar, Les Hay Babies, Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire, Marie-Jo Thério, les Païens, Menoncle Jason, Pierre Guitard, Vishten, Jacques Jacobus, Gabriel L.B. Malenfant, Céleste Godin, Caroline Savoie, Amélie Hall et Jean-Paul Daoust

La soirée Acadie Rock se veut une célébration de cette vague d’artistes au seuil d’une belle carrière ; c’est l’Acadie 2.0 qui fera danser et vibrer Montréal dans un spectacle historique, car jamais il n’y aura eu un si grand déploiement et collectif d’artistes acadiens au Québec !

Produit avec l'aimable collaboration du Congrès mondial Acadien 2019 et la participation du Festival Acadie Rock."




9 juillet
Beersville, NB (40 min de Moncton)




Presented by Mud City Meltdown | #MCMD2017
with guests Les Païens

Saturday, July 29th | Doors at 7 pm
Advance tickets $40 + fees
Door tickets $49 + fees
Festival Pass $145 (on sale Friday, May 26th) 

holy frig....

More Info: 

Daniel Lanois promises unique show in return to Moncton!

Daniel Lanois is a name that deserves to be mentioned alongside the finest sonic experimenters of the 20th century – and the 21st century too. Yes, he’s been willing to step back into the background as others take the limelight, but that shouldn’t diminish his contribution, which ripples throughout practically every style and sound of the modern era. Whatever you’re listening to – whether it be acoustic or electronic, roots or futurist, underground or pop – if you listen closely you’ll hear traces of the sonic signatures of Daniel Lanois. And what’s more he’s still experimenting as eagerly as he ever has. At a point when most musicians with anything resembling his level of success would be resting on their laurels and playing on old successes, he still has more hunger for the new than people a third his age, and as a result is creating music as beautiful and new as ever before.
As a teen, Daniel had already built a reputation with local musicians as someone who could work the studio but thought as a musician, and this steadily spread across Canada, as he moved to bigger premises and bigger jobs. The 1970s were spent as a journeyman producer, honing his technical skills – until towards the end of the decade, his reputation reached the ears of Brian Eno who recruited him to help with his Ambient series of albums.

Though his connection with Eno would lead him onto working on some of the biggest selling records of the time, by megastars as big as U2 and Peter Gabriel, his approach in the studio was always as exploratory as when he was making the Ambient albums. Indeed, often this is what would make his productions so unique: there was never a formula, just a determination to find the right approach for the right artist. Working with Bob Dylan in 1987, for example, he brought out a Roland TR-808 drum machine to use as a compositional tool – kickstarting the groove of the Oh Mercy album, and helping make it one of the most dramatic creative reinventions in Dylan’s career. A few years later, he and Eno helped bring the electronic music culture that they themselves had helped to inspire into U2’s Achtung Baby.

In his return to Moncton, Lanois will showcase songs from various works including some of his more popular titles. The show promises to be a unique experience for fans, as well as those discovering him for the first time, and is certainly not to be missed!